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ProRep® is the world’s most popular productivity measurement and reporting system. ProRep’s major strength is flexibility. It enables users to create a reporting system customized to their own unique situation. ProRep is packed with features, easy to implement and simple to use.

Multi-user Windows application.

Track individual, team and group performance.

Measure labor and track volumes by product, process or customer.

Maintains a database of key statistics by day for several years.

Use engineered or historical standards.

The ProRep Calendar Control

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Standard and user definable reports.

Print reports or view them on screen.

Integrated quality tracking and reporting.

Imports data from time and attendance systems.

Supports real-time entry at task completion using a touch screen, bar code, proximity reader, mouse or keyboard. Click here for a demonstration.

Imports data from other computer systems like pick-to-light, voice picking, RF based warehouse management systems (WMS).

A ProRep Report

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Standard and user definable graphs.

View graphs on screen or print them.

Multi-facility corporate wide reporting.

A ProRep Graph

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ProRep is the most complete solution available. It can be implemented right now at a reasonable cost. With ProRep’s continual software development, you can be assured that your productivity reporting system is always state-of-the-art.

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