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32-bit Test Drive:

This Test Drive version of DataExport/DLL is a 32-bit ActiveX component (.DLL). You must have a 32-bit development product able to interface with ActiveX interfaces to be able to use it.

It is a full working version of the product (limited to 50 lines of output), so you can try it with your application.

Once you have the Test Drive downloaded and installed, we recommend you review the online help file and then use it with your own application. There is also a DLLTEST program installed in the folder that tests that DataExport/DLL is installed correctly.

If you have further questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

Click on one of links below to begin downloading.

DataExport/DLL Test Drive - 10.6MB

DataExport/DLL 6.0 Help File - 186K

If you have difficulty downloading the DataExport/DLL test drive, please notify us immediately.

(770) 449-0594