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ProRep ProRep is our labor management and operations reporting system that measures and tracks the performance, productivity and quality of people and processes. This comprehensive system provides management with the tools needed to monitor production output, staffing levels and achievement of goals. ProRep is often used to support productivity improvement, performance management, activity based costing (ABC) and incentive pay programs.

ProRep is very popular in distribution centers and clerical offices. It readily imports data from existing sources such as Time & Attendance, Pick-to-Light and Warehouse Management Systems. Associates throughout a facility can also enter their own data directly into ProRep at the completion of assignments by using bar code readers, touch screens, mice and key boards.

Thousands of daily, weekly, monthly and yearly reports, line graphs and pie charts are built into ProRep. Guided by easy-to-use wizards, managers and supervisors can view these reports and graphs on their own PCs. They can interactively roll up and drill down though several years of operational data to find exactly the needed information. In addition, ad-hoc reporting and graphing capabilities are also provided to further customize the built-in reports or create new ones.

DataImport DataImport is our industrial strength file translation utility that pulls data from virtually any computer report and converts it into Microsoft Excel, Access, dBase, HTML, XML, delimited and over 40 other file types. An incredible number of data mining features are provided for selecting and re-arranging data from even the most complex reports and text files. All this for only $235 single user.

DataExport/DLLDataExport/DLL is our ActiveX component that enables a programmer to quickly add exporting features to a Windows application. DataExport/DLL exports to all of the spreadsheet, database and other file types supported by our DataImport product. This same ActiveX component can also be used to automatically import data into a Windows application.

VAR Resources Import/Export solutions for Software Developers Need a customized solution? Spalding Software can help.

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